HW 10, due Tu 11/1/2016

###review first

-1) Do you think we will find intelligent life in the universe? Why or why not?

0) If you haven't yet emailed me about when to do your presentation, please do, or if you are not sure about what to do we can discuss.

1) Suppose you had a coupon for a free robot. The catch is it can only do one thing. But you can get a robot that will do whatever one thing you like, just not anything else. What would you want your robot to do, and why?

2) Imagine a robotic future. Would it possible in such a future for labor to be free? For example, suppose there was a law prohibiting anyone from being paid to do work. Could the human race survive in the face of such a law?

3) Discuss the applicability (or inapplicability) of robotics  to your project topic. This should be at least 199 words. Alternatively, if your project is not a report, do something else on it of equivalent effort and explain briefly (but specifically - "made a lot of progress on implementation" is not specific, but "completed functions fireRocket(), landOnMoon(), and deployRobot()" is specific; "finished sketching the painting and plan to start applying paint to canvas next" is also specific) on your blog.

4) Create a draft, or whatever is appropriate, of your presentation. (In contrast to your paper or other project.) If this requirement does not fit your situation, do something else equivalent, and explain what you did.

5) (Grad students only) continue with the book you obtained. Read the next 20 pages. State the book title, author, and page numbers you have read. Then, discuss those pages. Explain what you agree with, disagree with, and how your views compare with those of other reviewers on Amazon or elsewhere.