HW 6 Due Tuesday Oct. 4, 2016

1. Project:
  • a. If you have not yet identified a project topic, decide on one. If you have not yet identified a project format (e.g. research paper, short story, computer program, web site, musical performance, or whatever else you would like to do), decide on one. Describe your project topic and format.
  • b.  Write up 349 words or more, or the equivalent in effort if your project is not a paper, for your project.
  • c. Decide what would be a good thing to do next on the project. It does not have to be a big thing, but should be something. Describe it.
2. TRIZ:
  • a. TRIZ contains a 39x39 table for identifying things to improve about a particular technology (the 39 rows), conflicts that an improvement tends to create (the 39 columns, which are labeled the same as the rows), and the suggested solution strategies for each improvement+conflict pair. 
    • Propose three improvements (rows in the table) to a technology relevant to your project topic. (Or apply them to some other technology instead, your choice.) 
    • Identify one or more conflicts that each improvement will tend to create (columns in the table).
    • Suggest solution(s) to each improvement and conflict (based on the cells of the table).
  • b. Pick a certain technology (existing or future) relevant to your topic. Suggest how an implementation of it could "branch out" and do something else. For example, pencils are a technology that "branched out" to also have erasers, storage bins for extra lead, clips for attaching it to a pocket, and so on. Cars now play music (and have air conditioners, even have GPS devices for giving directions, etc.). Can you imagine anything weirder than a car that plays music!? In the early days of cars, that might have seemed as strange as riding on a motorized guitar! 
3. Grad students only:
  • Read 15 pages in the book you have obtained. Explain what you agree with, disagree with, learned from it, and how your views agree or disagree with the reviewers of the book that you are analyzing.