HW 6 Due Tuesday Oct. 3, 2017

1. Project:
  • a. If you have not yet identified a project topic, decide on one. If you have not yet identified a project format (e.g. research paper, short story, computer program, web site, musical performance, or whatever else you would like to do), decide on one. Describe your project topic and format.
  • b.  Write up 349 words or more, or the equivalent in effort if your project is not a paper, for your project.
  • c. Decide what would be a good thing to do next on the project. It does not have to be a big thing, but should be something. Describe it.
2. Theories of Innovation: Pick a particular invention (car, PC, android, cell phone, HTC U11 cell phone, or whatever you want) or domain or industry (car industry, software industry, JavaScript programming industry, or whatever you want). Discuss it concisely (but not too concisely) from the perspective of each of the following theories of innovation described in the notes and lecture:
    • Kline and Rosenberg model
    • Abernathy and Utterback model
    • Clark and Henderson model
    • Teece model
    • Christensen I model
    • Christensen II model
    • Value Chain Evolution model
3. Grad students only:
  • Read 20 pages in the book you have obtained. Explain what you agree with, disagree with, learned from it, and how your views agree or disagree with the reviewers of the book that you are analyzing.