HW 13, due Tuesday 11/21/2017

1) Consider the made-for-TV movie Earth 2100. Critique it from the viewpoint of its quality as a movie (was it good, not so good...why?). Also critique it from the viewpoint of its content. Is it tracking reality until 2017? How right is it? Etc.

2) Write up a new passage for your project (or if not a paper, the equivalent effort doing something else). It should be at least 275 words. You can analyze the impact of future climate change on your topic, if applicable, or extend your discussion in some other way.

3) (Grad students only) Continue with the book you obtained. Read the next 20 pages. State the book title, author, and page numbers you have read. Then, discuss those pages. Explain what you agree with, disagree with, and how your views compare with those of reviewers.

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