Topic list and syllabus

Please let me know of any topic requests - we can try to incorporate them.

Tu 6:00, 8/22/2017...General course information

        Introductory meeting
        Homework #1, due Tu 8/29/17
        Do I get some sort of bragging rights
            Here is the Website & trailer
        Videos: shorts from 2017; 201620142013; 2012
        Futurism organization example: Millenium Project
    7:20, 8/22/2017...Trajectories of the future (transcript)
Tu 6:00, 8/29/2017...Delphi Method (i) (transcript i)
        HW1 Qs? 
        Homework #2, due Tu 9/5/17
    7:20, 8/29/2017...Delphi Method (ii) (transcript ii, ii cont.)
        Supplementary material: 
           a footnote on (mis)use of the term (ser. #14)
           real-time Delphi
           including probability in the question posed
           a similar method (ser. #13)
Tu 9/5/2017...Race to the future: a framework for prediction (ser. #9)
     Homework #3, due Tu 9/12/17
Tu 6:00, 9/12/2017...Prediction markets (transcript(ser. #2)
        Homework #4, due Tu 9/19/2017
        Sample prediction market contract (ser. #12, directory predictionMarketStatements)
     7:23 at the latest, 9/12/2017
        "How to Really Achieve Your Childhood Dreams" (ser. #3)
Tu 9/19/2017...Building your personal future workshop (ser. #14)
     Homework #5, due Tu 9/26/2017
Tu 9/26/2017...Theories of Innovation (slides in Content/...)
     Homework #6, due Tu 10/3/2017
Tu 10/3/2017
     Discuss HW for today
     Next one is Homework #7, due Tu 10/10/2017
     Theories of Innovation and the NRI (slides in Content/...)
     Cones of uncertainty 
Tu 10/10/2017...TRIZ (ser. #2)
     Homework #8, due Tu 10/17/2017
Tu 10/17/2017: Spoil sports of the prediction game
     Homework #9, due 10/25/2017 
     #1: Observer Effect (transcriptrecording for #1(ser. #1) 
     #2: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (transcript, recording for #2-4 ) (ser. #6) 
     #3: Quantum Tunneling
     #4: Butterfly Effect
Tu 10/24/17: Spoil sports; inventions & their customers 
     Homework #10 (ser. #10), due Tu 10/31/17 
        Spoil sports of the prediction game (transcript for #5-7)
        #5: External perturbations
        #6: Existentialist angst
        #7: The care horizon
        Making the future: from invention to customer discovery (ser. #16)
Tu 10/31/2017...The singularity
     Homework #11, due Tu 11/7/17
     6:00-7:16 at the latest
         Recap of Making the future: from invention to customer discovery
         Visit from Innovation Project class: 
             elevator pitches, customer interviews
     7:16 at the latest - 8:40
         View then discuss Transcendant Man (84 min.) (ser. #15)
Tu 11/7/2017...Finish the singularity; Robotics
     Homework #12, due Tu 11/14/17
     Anyone able to present before the last day? 
     6:00-?:??: About the singularity (see lifeExt.xls) (transcript
     ?:??-8:40: Robotics
         Decentralized Societies (with robots)

         Robotic Dilemmas (ser. #mult. c)
         Some robot pics and videos (first, just search anew)
           AIShield, safeguarding humanity and the risks of AI/robotics
         Robot pets
Tu 11/14/2017...Movie Earth 2100 (subtitled, 124 min.) (ser. #4)
     Homework #13, due 11/21/17 
     Discuss Earth 2100, etc. (transcript i, and ii)
        About NYC & flooding: article
Tu 11/21/2017...Student Presentations (TF); transit; Earth 2100
     HW: Finish your presentations for next time 
     Finish discussing Earth 2100, etc. (transcript i, and ii)
     A climate change resource page 
Tu 11/28/2017
     6:00-6:30 Guest speaker, Casey Covington, Metroplan
     6:30-?:?? Student Presentations
     Homework #14due Tu 12/5/17 by 8:00 PM
     Prediction market summary
Tu 12/5/2017, 6:00-8:00 PM...Final Exam period
     Projects due
     Meets only for people making up HWs, presentations, etc.

Have a good break!

Below are potential additional topics
Information references of the future:
thing pages; wiki-wiki-wikipedia; Watson; ???
Will we find other intelligent life?
SETI: see end of this video
Drake equation and such (transcript i, and ii)
Toxoplasmosis (ser. #11)(Slate and The Atlantic articles)(transcript)
toxoplasmosis relateHomework (see unposted draft)
Impact: the futurism board "game"
Review & recap
Science, pseudoscience, and the simulated universe hypothesis
Futurism web site examples:
TED videos and discussions
Backup plan for homo sapiens: space adventure
From geotagging to the end of privacy
 Do scientific proofs exist? (transcript)
      Homework (see unposted draft)
Guest lecture (remote): Dr. Harry Pence (MilneBigData13-3.ppt) (transcript)
Futurist organization example (transcript)
Crowdsourcing innovation 
3-D printing and rep-rap
The future of the presidency (ser. #8)
Peak oil, solar cells, and new energy (see &
Shift happens (& prediction heuristics)

Hubbert peak for oil
   photovoltaics (solar cells) ser. #7
   Solar cells from agricultural waste
Trend analysis

Video discussions II (last video not that great) 
Some rough notes on potential other discussion topics