HW 9, due Thursday Oct. 27, 2016

1. Take your favorite topic (your project topic is a good one). Discuss where it may be in 5 years, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1,000, 10,000, and millions of years.

2.   a. Email me (berleant@gmail.com) when you would like to present your project (first come first served, aim for a 30 minute presentation including any short videos but shorter than 30 minutes if you are doing a performance, up to 2 students per class session, 3 if one or more presentations are shorter). Any class session from now until the end of the semester is possible. See course syllabus/topic list for the dates of the remaining class days.
      b. Write up 249 words or more of your final report (if a paper), or do the equivalent amount of work if it is not a paper. On your blog, post the new material or if not a paper post a brief description (please be specific - "worked on the design" is not specific enough; "worked on the design and am posting its current form here/emailing it separately" is specific enough).
      c. Prepare an outline for your paper (if you are doing a paper). You can use this outline later to help organize your report or other product, presentation, etc. If not doing a report, do something of equivalent effort instead and describe.

3. Provide an outline for your presentation. You can base it on the outline for your report if that seems workable. Flesh out the outline so that it is at least 20 lines long. If you are using powerpoints, for example, you could give the titles of the power points (20 is more than enough for many types of slides, if you give time for questions, have a (short) video from youtube or something, etc.)
     If you are doing some other type of presentation, make an equivalent amount of progress and describe.

4. Grad students only: continue with the book you obtained. Read the next 15 pages or so (maybe a chapter). State the book title, author, and page numbers you have read. Then, in 75 words or more discuss those pages. Explain what you agree with, disagree with, and how your views compare with those of other reviewers on Amazon or elsewhere.