Computing, Information and the Future 

HW 1, due Tu Aug. 29, 2017

1. Instead of handing in printed assignments (the old-fashioned way), or by email (not quite as old-fashioned) we will use a more modern method: a blog. Start a new blog for this course and its assigments. Email me the URL so I can access it. Any blog service will do. I am using blogger.com for this course, but am not ecstatic about it and am using wordpress.com for another course. One problem is that blogger.com is inextricably linked to your google account (it is owned by Google), which makes it harder to be anonymous. A more minor issue is that blogger.com blogs are posted to blogspot.com, not blogger.com (confusing). Why not consider Tumblr, at tumblr.com? ("Tumblr is really easy to get set up and start blogging." - https://blog.shareaholic.com/best-blogging-platform/) Or use LiveJournal (livejournal.com) which is the easiest to set up and has the fewest roadblocks.

2. Check out the course web site (which is a blog). Find the links (on tabs near top of page) to the "Course Guidelines" and "Topic List and Syllabus." Notice the HWs are there too. HWs will be updated for this semester as we get to them. Navigate around a bit and note any questions you might have on your blog.

3. Go to the Web and find a URL about the future of a topic of your choice.
On your blog, give the link you found, and explain what it is and why it is interesting (e.g., why should someone check it out?).

4. Repeat question 3 with another URL.

5. Repeat question 3 again with a 3rd URL.

6 (Grad students only). Graduate courses that have a corresponding undergraduate course need to have additional requirements suitable for more advanced students. In this course, that will be a review of a book on the future. You choose the book you want to read and get a copy. Any book on the future is acceptable, except for "The Human Race to the Future" by D. Berleant (well, I might make an exception if you ask). For this HW, on your blog give the title of the book, order it online or get it from a book store (getting it from the library is risky because you'll need it for the entire semester), and email or show me evidence that you have it or have ordered it.