Thursday, February 14, 2013

Futurists and an example: Millenium Project

Futurist Organization Examples

Futurism community is characterized in part by

       people running their own



               small consulting companies

Here are just a few examples

            Publishing book now

                  We could look at potential covers

            Notice the various programs

            Notable mainly for its splash page

       Institute for the Future

            One of the biggest

                (see e.g. Wikipedia article)

            At one time featured Paul Saffo

                See bio

                Turns out he is not the founder or leader

       The Millenium Project

             What does "millenium" mean?

             Founder and head is Jerome Glenn

                  see bio

             Let's look at the splash page

             Click to see video intro to their

                    Global Futures Intelligence System

             They have 4 major activities

                    Click "About Us" to see

                         Note the 4

                         Click "Short Powerpoint..." for details


             Note the "On-Going Programs"

             1. Futures Research Methodology

                    See CD

                    Helped to design this course

                    Let's see the web page           

             2. State of the Future annual reports

                    Let's click for that page as well

             3. Special futures research projects

             4. Global Futures Intelligence System

                    Click "Press Room" at top to see the news

                    Go back and click to go to the GFIS


   Let's check over the page at

   Activate the  Introduction  button

Got to here Sp '13

   Let's go through the challenges 1 by 1

        How would you solve these

             What does GFIS say?

As time allows

     Look at the other links on the GFIS page

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