Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some robot pics and videos

1. A few fun videos:

  • Big Dog:
  • 10 amazing robots:
  • (9 min.) Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO:
  • Ping pong:
  • Sand Flea:

2. Hard to believe these are not even brand new...

3. Robot gardening,
an artist's conception...

Art by Christine Marie Larsen,, from her "Robot of the Month Club."

and in reality...

Recognize anything about the robots?

Discussion - what do you think??

My 2013 WFS talk:
"From Highly Centralized to Highly Decentralized societies"

4. Robot gardening: 
an existential perspective

Centralized infrastructure is risky

Example 1: power
    A 2-hour blackout is fun
    A 2-day blackout is no fun
    A 2-week blackout is traumatic
    A 2-month blackout - what are the consequences?
    A 2-year blackout - consequences?

Problem: electricity is highly centralized
    If fuel not delivered, no power
    If generating plant destroyed, no power
    If distribution lines stop working, no power
    No electricity, no communications
       No internet, TV, telephone...
       No communications...rumor takes up the slack
           (As it Earth 2100)
    Hard to store food or even cook without electricity

Solution: decentralize electricity generation

Solar panels on houses would keep each house going
   Highly decentralized!
   System is robust and can't break down catastrophically
   Solar panels are decreasing in price
   Spray-on solar "paint" may happen

In my opinion, this is a lucky trend 
   Because it is so important

5. Example 2: Food distribution by truck

    What if the trucks stop rolling?
       Drivers can't be paid
       Drivers are afraid of disease
       Country runs out of gas (& diesel)
       Rogue militias or bandits
    Things could get bad fast 
     Every home is its own farm
     Save money on groceries, too!
     But who has the time?
          ...and who has the expertise...
          (I can barely grow an unhealthy corn plant)

So how is that a solution?!
The real solution:
   Robotic gardening
   Instead of a roomba, a yardba
       (Let's call it a "farmerbot")

   It tends plants
   It weeds (surely possible even now)
   It senses needs of plants
       Soil too dry
       Etc. (it has a camera and such)
   It has lots and lots of time to fix problems
       Carry water,
       pick off bugs,
       apply chemicals leaf by leaf
       what else?

       Come home from work
       Small robots bring raw food to your door
       You might still have to cook it
             No biggie - your solar panels power the stove

   My opinion:
       This is important for the safety of civilization
       (In addition to saving money)

5. What other necessities of
    life and civilization
    are over-centralized?

    ...and can they be decentralized?

6. These "classic" robots won't feed you 
but they are cool in otherways! (World's first controllable MAV monocopter, Robotic Samara (maple seed)); (TR article with embedded video of how it was developed/works (copy at

Flying insectbot?
That but with other robot video links at:

Big Dog: stable in snow, rocks, clear ice...even when viciously kicked

Minibots in swarms:

7. some newer robots...

Table tennis:



Sand fleabot:

6-legged leaperbot:
(Insects have 6 legs, so "bugbot"?)

Mowglibot wants your seat:

Gekkobot will drive you up the wall:

Will these really "haunt your soul"?

(Named after Isaac, natch)

Build-ur-own gripper:

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