Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Intro to the course

Introduction to the course

1. See flyer

(Source: Lloyd Walker,, APF mailing list, Feb. 26, 2017)

    History of "this" course

    What are you hoping for?

2. Let's go over the course guidelines

    Any questions?

3. Get to know a neighbor!

    Write their name/info down

    Tell us:
  • Their name
  • What classes they are taking
  • About one thing they think will happen some day
    • (I will list the predictions on the board)
4. Please write on another sheet of paper:

    0-5 topics you would like to discuss

    Then I will read them off

5. Look at HW1, due in a week


6. Wikipedia. What could an advance in Wikipedia be like?

7. Wikiwikipedia. Wikiwikiwikipedia

8. We may start on HW later if time

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